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We are an innovative workplace proud to have employees located around the world. At unybrands, you have the opportunity to make a difference working and learning from e-commerce experts. We are excited to be growing a team of driven individuals passionate about the future of e-commerce. Up for the challenge? If you’re interested in joining the team, check out our open positions below.

Our Benefits

Life at unybrands

With competitive benefits, a healthy vacation policy, and career growth opportunities, we strive to provide value to our employees. We want to ensure our team feels seen, heard, and cared for.

Career Growth Opportunities


We want you to grow as an employee and within your individual career.

We foster growth at work through mentorships, cross-functional exploration, and leadership opportunities for junior employees to help scale careers.

Vacation Policies


Taking time off benefits both you and the company.

That’s why we offer a generous vacation policy to all of our employees with 25 days of paid time off.

Health Care


We provide competitive health care and dental options regardless of which hub you’re located in with up to 90% of the costs covered by unybrands.

Giving Back Initiatives


The team at unybrands emphasizes giving back to causes near and dear to our hearts. Through team outings, focusing on ESG and sustainability practices, and more, we want to ensure our employees are able to make a difference towards important causes.

DEI Efforts


unybrands is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or any other class of individuals protected from discrimination under law.

Hybrid Working Model


As a global company, we offer a hybrid working model for employees, giving team members the opportunity to interact face to face while providing the autonomy and flexibility to work around your schedule.

Our Values


unybrands is powered by our values allowing us to bring success to the company and employees as individuals.

Our values are Commitment to Our Brands, Remaining Entrepreneurial, Transparency, Strategic Urgency, Accountability, Continuous Learning, Acting with Integrity, Respect, and as One Team.
001 Career Growth Opportunities
002 Vacation Policies
003 Health Care
004 Giving Back Initiatives
005 DEI Efforts
006 Hybrid Working Model
007 Our Values

Our team is built of over 120 full time employees with extensive e-commerce, Amazon, and start-up experience.

Positioned at 6 main global hubs, with 11+ remote locations, we have the flexibility to work across multiple time zones at any point in time.

We maintain our values across each team at unybrands with transparency to our employees, continued career growth, and embodying an inclusive environment.

Our team members approach both work and life with an open perspective and a global outlook, bringing advantages to the brands we acquire and ultimately our overall business strategy.

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Our Openings

Email Marketing Manager(Remote) New York, NY
Social Media Marketing Manager(Remote) New York, NY
Social Media Marketing Manager(Remote) Miami, FL
Social Media Marketing Manager(Remote) London, UK
Digital Marketing Specialist Paid Search London

What our employees have to say

These are the individuals working day by day to bring brands to new heights. The success of unybrands stems from the success of our employees.


Hear from our amazing employees who are the backbone of this company.

Carmela Cugini, CCO

"Being part of unybrands is one of the highlights of my career. Our team is stacked with top rated diverse talent and entrepreneurs focused on how we can create a scalable solution to growing digitally native micro brands that consumers love."

- Carmela Cugini, CCO

Karina Arias, Talent Acquisition Associate

"unybrands allows the opportunity for employees to really come in at the beginning stages, add value to their team, and learn from other individuals. Everyone is so passionate about what we do which makes everyday at unybrands just that much more unique and rewarding!"

-Karina Arias, Talent Acquisition Associate

Sadhana Shah, Senior Associate Brand Strategy

"unybrands brings a strategic, insights-driven and truly cross-functional approach to building best-in-class e-commerce brands. With incredibly motivated and collaborative teams all over the globe, unybrands is uniquely positioned to drive growth for each and every brand."

-Sadhana Shah, Senior Associate Brand Strategy

Beliana Krashi, Senior Supply Chain Analyst

"Being in a company that operates globally, I have the ability and pleasure to work with individuals from different cultures and backgrounds, all sharing the same drive and excitement to support our brands and help them succeed."

-Beliana Krashi, Senior Supply Chain Analyst
001 Carmela Cugini, CCO
002 Karina Arias, Talent Acquisition Associate
003 Sadhana Shah, Senior Associate Brand Strategy
004 Beliana Krashi, Senior Supply Chain Analyst

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