AMZ Innovate 2023

Meet unybrands @ AMZ Innovate!

We believe in the power of microbrands. As we navigate the changes throughout the e-commerce landscape, you can trust our team of experts to best position your brand for sale, an exit, and successful future growth. Stop by the booth today to hear what we have in store for 2024 and how we can help you achieve your perfect exit.


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How Do I Sell My Business With unybrands?

Exit Your Business in 6 Easy Steps


The Discovery Call

Join a discovery call with our team to share what you're looking for, meet the team who will run your brand, and let us get more acquainted with your business.

Pre LOI Discussion

We are here to listen and learn. Engage with our Investments and Integration team and teach us about your day-to-day operations from supply chain, marketing, and logistics.

IC Approval

Review and approve our LOI fully vetted and approved by our Investments Committee.

LOI Execution

Both teams agree on a diligence schedule and set a closing date.

Due Diligence

Our team takes a deep dive into the ins and outs of your business to ensure a smooth transition and work to establish a successful growth strategy for your brand.

Transaction Complete!

We finalize the transaction, complete the payment, and the process is complete! You can expect the whole acquisition process to last 6-8 weeks, depending on the size and scale of your brand.

Partnering Together in 2024

Are you part of an agency or do you work with other e-commerce brands? Let’s work together! Stop by our booth to talk to our partnerships team on how we can continue to provide value to the e-commerce ecosystem.


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Ready to sell?

Not only do we understand the power, growth potential and value of e-commerce brands on and off Amazon — we have years of experience in buying, integrating and building digital brands at a fast pace.


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