What Determines Your Business Valuation?

Apr 28, 2022

What Determines Your Business Valuation?

Time to Read: 1-2 minutes

As the consumer interest in microbrands increases, and the competition with entrepreneurs to create the next best brand rises, it’s smart to ponder how much your business is worth. Whether or not you’re itching to exit your business, determining your business valuation can help you keep ahead of your competitors, and give you that edge once you are looking to sell your brand.

As the Amazon ecosystem and community continue to grow, we know there are tons of sellers out there looking for answers – and we have them. While every valuation requires hundreds of data points channelled through a scoring model, the experts from our Investments & Integration team created a quick guide and checklist on questions we need to know to help determine the valuation of your business and give you the valuation you deserve.

  1. What is the growth potential?
  2. What geographies does the business currently play in?
  3. How do we expect the profitability to evolve?
  4. How is the team structured?
  5. How competitive is the market niche?
  6. Are there unique selling points of the product?
  7. Will the product selling point defund pricing power and market share?
  8. How strong is the brand’s connection with consumers?
  9. Is the founder passionate about the potential and future growth?

While these are just a few questions about what unybrands look for in a business (there’s a lot more to it, but we’ll get into the nitty-gritty on the phone), keep these in mind when you’re preparing your business to sell. Coming into the conversations prepared is nothing but beneficial. We’ll be able to get a clear look at what your business has to offer, understand the growth potential, current brand strategy, and how to best position you with an offer you’re excited about.

Reach out to our experts today and we’ll set up a call with you and a member of our business development team and we’ll kick off this awesome partnership.

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