How We Work

We help unlock the potential of your Amazon brand.

How We Work

We are fair, fast, and reliable. Our approach is honest, efficient and collaborative. We envision your brand to grow as fast and sustainably as possible.

We look for brands with over $2M+ in revenue within the home, juvenile, pet, lifestyle and gifting space.

Because no brand is the same, no deal structure is the same. We look to find the best exit strategy for each founder.

I'm Ready to Sell

Helping founders find their perfect exit strategy

Priding Ourselves on Being

Fair, Fast, and Reliable

Our team will be with you every step of the way from the initial discovery call to fully integrating the business onto our platform, all within 4-6 weeks.

Discovery Call


SHARE what you are looking for

ASK questions about who we are

MEET the team that will run your brand

Pre-LOI Discussion


ENGAGE with our Investments & Integration team

SHARE your day-to-day operations, marketing, supply chain & logistics

We are here to listen and learn

IC Approval


REVIEW and APPROVE our LOI, fully vetted and signed off by our Investment Committee

LOI Execution


AGREE on diligence schedule

SET a closing date

Due Diligence


DIVE DEEP into the ins and outs of your business to ensure a smooth transition

ESTABLISH a growth strategy for the brand



FINALIZE the transaction

PAYMENT is scheduled

START TO END 6 weeks or less
Discovery Call
Pre-LOI Discussion
IC Approval
LOI Execution
Due Diligence

What We Look For


The Right Product Category

We want to ensure success for your brand.

This is why we focus on buying brands within 8 specific product categories which we have proven to be our areas of expertise - Baby & Juvenile, Sports & Fitness, Garden & Outdoor, Home Care, Pet Care, Supplements, and Lifestyle, Home, Arts & Culinary.

Global Marketplace

With employees based around the world, we know global marketplaces and have the tools and expertise needed to expand your brand into new areas that have a demand for what you’re selling.

Quality Over Quantity

It’s never been about acquiring as many brands as possible. We look for quality over quantity and want to find brands that we can build upon.

Founders First

We pride ourselves on giving founders exactly what you want. We understand the work you’ve put into your brand. We want you to be excited about the deal today and again when you look back in 2-4 years and see how the brand has grown.

What our founders have to say

We work closely with founders throughout the process and many of them join the unybrands team post acquisition.


Don’t believe us? Check out these quotes to hear from founders like yourselves.

Founder of Acquired Brand

"We were excited to speak to unybrands after learning they were category focused and had a home & culinary niche. We felt that they understood our business, had a growth plan in place and built confidence with us through due diligence."

- Founder of Acquired Brand

Founder of Acquired Brand

"Not only was unybrands friendly and responsive, they also shared their growth strategy and made me feel like I would be leaving my business in good hands. The whole process took less than 3 weeks!"

- Founder of Acquired Brand

Ulrich Kratz

"Building unybrands there are 3 things that are the most important to our success: Our brands, our people, and our technology."

- Ulrich Kratz
Co-Founder & CEO of unybrands
Founder of Acquired Brand
Founder of Acquired Brand
Ulrich Kratz

Interested in selling your e-commerce business? 

We reward every founder for what they already built and the brand’s future worth.


With unybrands at the helm leveraging the disruptive growth of online marketplaces and digital DTC stores, all of us win.


What’s our sweet spot? Satisfying consumers’ exploding demand for microbrands.


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