Expected Trends for 2022

2月 03, 2022

Expected Trends for 2022

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When January rolls around, we come charging into the new year strong, and are ready to take on whatever challenges, tasks, or change this may entail. Whether that’s starting to go to the gym again, starting a new business, or simply waking up earlier every morning, with the beginning of the year comes many expectations for the rest of the year. As we look toward what’s to come especially in the ever-changing e-commerce space, we’ve picked out some of the top trends and our expectations for what Amazon sellers should look out for in 2022.

1. Uphold Sustainability

It’s no question that we as individuals, and as corporations can do better in maintaining a climate friendly environment, and better our carbon footprint. As this becomes increasingly important for the consumer, many e-commerce brands should look to instilling more sustainable practices in their product and day to day business functions. According to WebsiteBuilderExpert, 70% of consumers believe corporations should be doing more to address environmental issues. As a small business, you can easily do your part by using reducing amount of product packaging, implementing give back or recycling programs, or using more natural ingredients and materials to make your product.

2. Prioritize Convenience

Thanks to Amazon prime delivery, we as consumers have been conditioned to get things right there and now. We scoff at a week long delivery and incessantly track how many hours until your precious cargo arrives to your mailbox. 2022 will be no different – if not put an even larger emphasis on quick and convenient shipping. As an Amazon seller, you’re lucky to have the resources of Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) so you can take advantage of utilizing prime delivery. Keep on top of your inventory at your designated Amazon fulfillment center to avoid any delays in shipping to your customers.

3. Source Locally

As an Amazon seller, you’re in tune with the ongoing supply chain issues the whole world is grappling with. The good thing? You aren’t alone. The bad thing (or things)? You’re constantly behind and struggling to get your materials and products shipped to your warehouses for timely distribution. To avoid this, we expect to see a lot more sellers utilize local sourcing. It’s a misconception that sourcing your materials locally will exponentially increase your costs – we’ve seen huge success for our brands simply because local sourcing helps avoid dealing with supply chain. We like to say “control your controllable’s.” Understand what is out of your control, and the elements that you are able to take hold of – where you get your materials is one of them.

4. Searching for Secondhand

Once again, catering to create a more sustainable environment. Are we sensing a trend here? In 2022, you can expect more brands and e-commerce giants to implement secondhand and refurbished products. With the rise in use of eBay and Facebook Marketplace, where users can naturally buy used products, don’t be surprised if you see Amazon entering the “used” game in order to keep up with consumer needs and bring that support of sustainability to their business model.

5. Creating a Seamless User Experience

There’s nothing worse than trying to buy a product online, and you have no idea where to go, where the navigation is taking you, or having trouble entering your payment method. As a consumer, this is deterrent. As a business, when you’re actively deterring your customers you’re doing something wrong. Whether you’re looking to spiff up your Amazon storefront or your DTC site, there are countless ways to ensure increased user acquisition, and to convince a user to ultimately complete the purchase funnel. You can work with a UI-UX designer, explore focus groups who navigate your site, or utilize third-party services who specialize in your pain points.

6. Increase in Payment Options

Similarly to creating that easy experience for the customer, and completing that purchase funnel, your checkout options can make or break that final transaction. With our increased technology, and the ever-changing ways people are consuming products, we expect 2022 to normalize providing a plethora of payment options. No longer will it be your standard debit or credit, PayPal, or even ApplePay, but we expect to see many DTC sellers explore third-party services that make the lives of the consumer easier to ultimately purchase from your store. Are you noticing a trend here? With 2022 consumers alike are focused on how convenience is key.

7. Increase in Advertising Efficiencies

A slight outlier from the above, we’re going into the backend of things with Amazon advertising. From 2020 to 2021, it is reported that Amazon advertising spend increased 52% year over year. Looking at the latest trends from the Bezos owned corporation, we can expect costs to increase from $0.79 cost per click (CPC) to $1.20, to even greater in 2022. What does this mean for sellers? Allocate a bit more spend towards your advertising this year. Make sure you budget enough to increase on your contributions from last year to surpass your 2021 success, while keeping up with the overall market increase.

At The End of The Dayu2026

It’s all about the customer. Making improvements and changes to be above 7 expected trends are ultimately about benefiting the experience of the consumer. None of these expectations are completely out of the water (we aren’t talking hover-boots or flying cars here). They’re easy, attainable, and things you should generally look out for as you continue your yearly planning. These can help with brand loyalty, better understanding your customer demographics, and increase transaction completion on your site or Amazon storefront. Whether it’s budgeting more for advertising costs, improving your UI/UX design, or sourcing your products and materials locally, these are a great starting point in which you can better market your Amazon brand.

Have more questions on what we think expected trends for 2022 are? Reach out to us at growth@unybrands.com and will help answer all your questions tailored specifically to your business, and how you can get ahead of the game against your competition and bring you success.

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