We integrate each brand onto our next-generation e-commerce platform enabling them to reach new heights.


When founders are looking to sell their e-commerce business, they come to us. Whether you’re on Amazon, Shopify, or Walmart, we know how to take your brand to the next level. Thanks to our extensive years of experience in online retail, you can trust your brand with us.

Our incredibly well-rounded team will work tirelessly to grow your brand as we take it over, leveraging our proprietary technology specifically engineered to boost e-commerce businesses.


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We look at brands within 8 specific product categories:

Pet Care, Personal Care, Home Care, Supplements, Baby & Juvenile, Garden & Outdoor, Sports & Fitness, and Home, Lifestyle Culinary & Arts.

We work fast, reliably, and with integrity. Throughout the buying process, our Buy-and-Build team will be there every step of the way.


We are a technology and data-driven company with the goal to operate and scale brands globally.

Once we have acquired your brand, it’s our turn to develop and build it on our multichannel platform.


We focus on long-term growth and sustainability — taking your company to new heights by leveraging our significant e-commerce and consumer brand experience, and collaborating with best-in-class partners.

Our values are the driving force behind everything we do.


Commitment To Our Brands

We commit to being the best steward for each of our brands giving them the attention to detail that they deserve.

Strategic Urgency

We act with strategic urgency. We encourage all our employees to act with a sense of urgency regularly, as teams should re-asses, re-evaluate and re-prioritize plans and actions to make sure our strategy is aligned with the ever evolving market needs.


Accountability is key. Accepting responsibility for our actions is the ultimate way to build trust. We aspire for all employees to operate with an owner's mindset.

Continuous Learning

We listen to others, we cultivate curiosity, and we share excitement with others as we unlock innovation. Learning is fundamental, and we choose to learn, grow and better ourselves through our team members and challenges we face daily.


We share in having an entrepreneurial spirit. Our mindset is one that embraces critical thinking and actively seeks out change.


We operate with integrity. Every challenge and opportunity at unybrands is approached with the core strategy and goal of doing what we know is right. Through the individual integrity of each of our employees, we are able to uphold our reputation and values.


We believe transparency and honesty come first within our company and with our consumers. We are transparent in our actions, decisions, and communications.


We encourage diversity, inclusion, and belonging amongst our workforces at all times. We respect and seek out inclusion of differences, knowing we can learn from one and other.

One Team

While being globally located, we are all one team and thrive on the basis of working hard together to achieve our common goals. The best work is produced by collaborating as a team.

Our Team

01 / 05
Ulrich Kratz Co-Founder and CEO
Carmela Cugini Chief Commercial Officer
Richard Cohen Vice President of Operations & General Counsel
Brendan Feinberg Vice President of Investments & Integration
Alex Pawlik Chief Financial Officer
Dan Gommel Head of Supply Chain
Dylan Denman Chief of Staff to CEO
Nicole Wang unybrands
Nicole Wang Head of China
Emma Cogbill Director of People
Korion Morris Director of Growth, US
Ary Selener Vice President of Marketing
Ronnie Lim Head of Global Sourcing

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We understand the power, growth potential and value of e-commerce brands on and off Amazon.


We have years of experience in buying, integrating and building digital brands at a fast pace.


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